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This newly created site is a work in progress currently and part of the Hobo - Coventry Music and Arts
Magazine's Coventry music archives of the 1970's and before and after for that matter. The core of the material is from the 1970's when Hobo Magazine, edited by Trev Teasdel and team, was being published. Links to the various aspects of the archive can be viewed via the Hobo Hub site in the top menu bar and via the Hobo A to Z of Coventry bands.

This particular site is actually part of the A to Z of Coventry bands but because I have material and insights into how things developed towards Two Tone in Coventry from 1969 to 1979 when Two Tone actually happened, I decided to create a special site giving more space to the stories and material that could then be linked to the Specials and Selecter entries in the A to Z of bands.

The blog will take a little while to create and the posts will be private for a while as I draft them but bookmark the page if you are interested and check back from time to time. There will be at least 12 posts looking at the bands and various interconnections over a ten year period before Two Tone largely from my personal observations and interactions that hopefully will give some insight into how things developed.

I may change the title of posts as I write them up but to give you an idea of what to expect - here's a list of areas that will be covered.

  • Introduction
  • Neol Davies and the Coventry Arts Umbrella Club 1969 / 71 - Early bands.
  • Neol Davies meets and performs with John Bradbury 1970 - Jam session.
  • The Ray King Soul band 1969 - the soul scene.
  • Hobo (Coventry Music and Arts Magazine) 1973 Horace Panter and Pauline Black come to Coventry to study - Horace writes to Hobo Mag advertising for 'a happy band'.
  • Hobo Magazine - Two Tone Blue issue February 1974. Horace formulates some ideas which later become part of the Two Tone house style.
  • Pete Waterman's Soul Hole and Neville Staples.
  • Hobo Workshop, Holyhead Youth Centre summer 1974. Neol Davies meets and Jams with Charley Anderson and crew in the basement of the Holyhead. Two bands who later form The Reluctant Sterotypes, have their first gigs here as does Neil O'Connor's Midnight Circus (later The Flys) long before Hazel O'Connor broke through.
  • Hobo Workshop at the Golden Cross 1975. Horace Panter's jazz rock band play and Neol Davies organises a jam session. Horace Panter, John Bradbury, Charley Anderson, Desmond Brown and possibly Charley H Bembridge there but don't all know each other yet. Nobody knew what we had in that room at the time - not even the guys themselves!
  • 1976 / 77 - Developments in the basement of the Holyhead Youth Centre with Ray King and Charley Anderson. Bands that came out that. Recording The Kingston Affair (The Selecter) track with Neol Davies, John Bradbury and Barry Jones with Roger Lomas. Development of punk in Coventry.
  • 1978 / 79 More proto Two Tone bands including Transposed Men and Pauline Black the folk singer. Coventry Automatics and Peter Waterman, Ratty Roadent of the Clash and  Bernie Rhodes.
  • 1979 - 81 Classic Two Tone Period and Alternative Sounds. Joe Reynolds sax / Horizon Studios.
  • Beyond to 'More Than Two Tones' anniversary exhibition 2009 / Two Tone Central and Coventry Music Museum and books by Pete Chambers.

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